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Aroma Stones

Aroma Stones

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Enjoy the aromas of your favourite essential oils with Aroma Stones! The unglazed terracotta clay diffuses the oils naturally in your home, office, or car. Simply place them in the dish provided, add a few drops of essential oil and keep them near your favourite spot!

Using clay to diffuse essential oils is a simpler way to diffuse. Simple diffusion gives more control over the diffusion process and is safe around kids and pets. The diffusion of aroma is more subtle than misters as misters send minuscule droplets of oil into the air. Clay diffusers work best in smaller rooms or placed next to where you spend most your time in a larger room.

Each Set of Aroma Stones comes with 1 dish, 6 clay stones and a sample of essential oil to get you started!

Handcrafted in Stratford, ON