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Crochet Octopus - Small
Crochet Octopus - Small
Crochet Octopus - Small

Crochet Octopus - Small

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This adorable crochet octopus makes a perfect gift for someone who has recently given birth or for your own little one.

The Octopi theory originally appeared in Demark where doctors observed premature babies with their crocheted toys. The babies that cradled their octopus had overall health improvements with their breathing, regular heartbeat, strong oxygen blood levels. Overall, the presence of a tiny crochet friend acted as a calming effect on the babies.
When babies hold and play with the tentacles it makes them feel safe and grounded. 

Made from 100% cotton yarn.
It's stuffed by polyester filling.
Eyes are plastic doll eyes

Handcrafted by Canadian Custom Crochet

Although this toy is intended for babies, we strongly encourage adult supervision