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Party Mountain Paper co.

Dear Future Lover

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'Dear Future Lover' is an anthology of short poems collected from writers all over the world, exploring love, the search of love, the loss of love, and more. Contributors were asked to write short letters to their future lovers from different vantage points and viewpoints. Those stories are scattered throughout this book, straddling themes of unrequited love, awe, reverence, new relationship energy, intimacy, eroticism, and desire.

This book is a labour of love, consisting of 100 original poems (all 80 words or less) that endeavor to explore all sides of love including its sharp corners, soft centers, and missing limbs. With 45 contributors and several original poems by the creator of this series, this collection weaves hopes and fantasies with cynicism and grief.

'Dear Future Lover' has the potential to become a balm or a trigger. A deliberate gift for the bleeding heart in your life. A bible beside the bed for the lovesick who have lost hope.