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DIY Craft Kit - Beach Day
DIY Craft Kit - Beach Day
DIY Craft Kit - Beach Day

DIY Craft Kit - Beach Day

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A reminder of simpler days gone by, with entertainment that needs no digital presence and allows people to focus on real-life connection. Old fashioned back to basics crafting meant to connect people. Great for rainy days, sick days, birthday parties (as gifts or as an activity), or just plain fun.

This set includes beach balls, snorkels, surfboards, bicycles, pails etc. All the class beachside fun. The dolls are simple, allowing you to decorate them as you see fit. Makeup and, tattoos are limited only to your imagination.

The Beach Day set includes:
- paper doll bodies
- Hair styles, various styles and colours for guys and gals
- outfits in various styles, some for guys some for gals. with bathing suits, surf shirt and shorts, and cover-ups
- Popsicle sticks
- Glue Stick
- Various Accessories including sunglasses, jewellery, and a random selection from surfboards, beach balls, pails, goggles, snorkels, inner tubes, and bicycles.

Some other things not included that you will need:
- An imagination
- Markers/crayons/pencils/watercolours
optional: glitter glue, stick on jewels, stickers, pom poms, etc. any craft supplies you want to bring to the table.

Kits are handcrafted by I Can Craft That in Waterdown, ON