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Worth Mending

DIY Recycled Ornament Kit

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Here's a unique activity for kids and adults alike this holiday season.

Fun for ages 6 to 99!

The recycled cardboard makes your final ornament a colourful conversation starter. It's quick and easy to put together, and you can take the shapes apart and re-stack them in at least three distinct silhouettes. (Let us know if you discover another arrangement that you love!)

You'll receive a bundle of 90 star shapes cut from recycled cereal boxes, two plywood sticks, a plywood lock ring, ribbon, yarn and a threading tool. Written instructions as well as a link to video instructions are also included in this kit. (NOTE: Your kit will come with a 2023 peg)


💌 "My child loved that they could see the progress of the ornament taking shape. They also loved the math that went into it."

💌 Love it! Cute and fun, and good conversation starter about recycling and making stuff at home!

💌 Putting the stars on in order was so satisfying.

💌 "This is beautiful! I love that we could take it apart and do it differently"

💌 "LOVE this as an activity that becomes a special piece to pull out at holidays!"

💌 It was really fun to put together and looks great. As a bonus, the final product spins like a top!