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Got it Made Stratford

Empowerment Affirmation Cards

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Perfectly designed for young women, female entrepreneur or teen gift, this is a 45 card set of beautifully messaged affirmation cards with inspirational quotes of encouragement +

With the goal of inspiring, instilling confidence and allowing positive affirmations to be heard, this kit was made for young women, teens, new moms, entrepreneurs and beyond!

What you get:

-45 beautiful affirmation cards on a lovely durable 16 pt card stock with rounded corners, TWO-Sided!, high gloss and a dream to shuffle!

- a custom matching box to store your new cards in and they fit like a glove!

-3 Inspirational vinyl stickers that are weather proof AND water proof! Pop it on your car window, cell phone or water bottle! Goes through the dishwasher like a champ (my bottle with these stickers has surpassed 100 dishwasher cycles and they look like day 1!)

-A mini Goal card you can fill out, stick it up where you can see it and start CRUSHING your goals with the help of these encouraging affirmation cards!