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Fire Within

Fire Within Gemstone Bracelets

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The Mini Collection.  Simple and Dainty. Crafted with 4mm genuine gemstone beads, a stainless steel charm, raw brass hardware & a dash of love. Sizing: 7"

SMOKY QUARTZ is a grounding and clearing stone. It can help to disperse negative energy, fear, and even depression. In terms of physical health; smoky quartz is especially helpful with stomach, back and leg pain - including menstrual discomfort.

TIGER’S EYE helps to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, courage, and good luck. It is a stone of protection which helps to release fear and anxiety. This gem is also supportive in healing mental illnesses, hormonal imbalances, and can fortify the blood.

BLACK AGATE aids in healing respiratory, gut, and oral health issues. This gemstone also exudes protective and grounding properties. It supports courage and success as well.

ROSE QUARTZ supports emotional and relationship healing while constantly emitting unconditional love. This gem can help release emotional blockages and initiate forgiveness. It is also a wonderful friendship stone.

PINK ZEBRA JASPER motivates the wearer to take action, avoid overthinking and enjoy experiences to the fullest. Catching the eye of many, this gemstone attracts all who seek support in living life to their highest potential.