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Pagan Pixie

Intention Candles

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Illuminate your intentions! 

Light your candle and focus your energy and intentions to manifest what you desire, such as attracting abundance, inner peace, love, and prosperity. While your intention candle burns, focus on your intentions and connect your energy with the flame's. Envision your intentions being sent into the Universe through the flickering flame. it is essential to be as clear and specific as possible about your intention and to follow up your ritual with real-world energy.

GODDESS Sweet & Sexy

BALANCE Cool & Alluring

ABUNDANCE Bold & Musky

GROUND Soft & Warm

  • Coconut Wax
  • Wood Wick
  • Topped with sacred herbs, botanicals and crystals

35 hour burn time roughly - trim the wick to prolong the life of your candle! To ensure the best performance, we recommend burning your candle for approximately one hour for each inch in diameter. That means about 3 hours at a time for these tins

Small batches hand poured by Pagan Pixie, Stratford, ON