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Got it Made Stratford

Lolly's Play Bakery

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How sweet is this little bakery? 

This 1/12 scale small town bakery has been lovingly restored by Lori. Character galore! This small but might play house has tons of amazing little details that will entertain kids...or adults for hours!

Measures : 15"W x 24.5"L x 21" H

Comes completely furnished and move-in ready!  All accessories are either handmade or restored by Lori. 

Restored in Stratford, ON by Lori Ruston Custom Paint

Lori co owns and operates Got it Made and is responsible for all of our displays. If you've been into the shop and admired all the crafty upcycling skills - then you already know how talented Lori truly is!

Please note this item is to fragile to ship. In store pick up or Stratford Delivery only.