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Diana Watters Handmade

Luna's Living Room Cross Stitch Kit

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Picture this.....Five 20-somethings move into a house together, to save on rent. They're strangers when they move in, but soon become fast friends. Their house is the hang out spot for their larger circle, and there's always music on, and food cooking! Luna Livington is the first housemate we'll meet! She loves her cat Millhouse endlessly, and is the house decorator. She loves nothing better than a well curated shelf!

Lunas Living Room is the first pattern in a brand new murder mystery by Diana Watters ! Each pattern contains a clue for the "who, what, when, where, and why" See if you can find the clue!

Cross Stitch kit includes:

- Reference cover photo of finished piece
- Colour chart with DMC colour codes used along with all required thread pre-cut for easy use
- PDF pattern, enlarged for easy reading
- PDF stitching basics guideline for all experience levels
- Hoop
- Embroidery needle
- Aida Fabric in the colour indicated

This design was stitched on 14 count White AIDA cloth, and is mounted in a 8" hoop.

Made in Toronto, ON by Diana Watters Handmade