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Purdy Natural

Purdy Natural Aroma Mist

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These products were designed for those who LOVE to smell yummy, but can’t handle synthetic chemical scents found in conventional perfumes, cologne, and body sprays. Using essential oils for perfume or cologne is not only workplace friendly, but is also a great way to smell fantastic, feel great and improve your health at the same time! Be prepared to be stopped in the street because you smell that good!


BOHEMIAN: fresh sweet & sexy; Lavender + Sweet Orange + Patchouli

GOT YA:  Sexy, sweet, cakey aroma

SUNSHINE AND LOLLIPOPS: fruity + sunshine citrus pop

Ingredients: Distilled water, Jojoba carrier oil, Blend of essential oils


Directions: Spray a desired amount on your body. Aroma Body Mists can be used as a room, linen & bathroom spray. Shake well before using.