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Smudge Stick

Smudge Stick

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Clear Yo' Shit

Herbal Smoke Wand

Whether you want to clear energy, clear odours, or clear your mood, these herbel allies are ready to assist you! Different plants carry various healing properties and benefits. Choose one that suits your needs best: 

Garden Sage: Cleansing

Lavender: Calming + Relaxing

Calendula: Purification

Yarrow: Protective, Clarifies boundaries

Rose: Promoting Love and Harmony

Rosemary: Soothing + Promotes Peace

Mugwart: Enhances Clarity, Dreams + Intuition

-Burn before sleep to enhance dreams

-Burn before meditation to enhance meditative state

 Each smoke wands is approx 12" in length. Each wand is handcrafted and will have slight variations. Grown and Crafted in London, ON by Grounded Alchemy.