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Eleanor Rosa Felt

Stone Softie Vent Clip Diffusers

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These Stone Softies love to travel.  They roll along with you in your car or truck, attached firmly to any vehicle vent with a strong all metal clip.  Add your own essential oils for a natural air freshener... these guys beat the old hanging pine tree, hands down!

Each of these diffusers is made with a solid felted wool Stone Softie on an all metal vent clip that easily attaches to any vehicle vent.  They up the joy level on all of your rides, even if you're stuck in traffic, and they will never critique your driving skills.  Add drops of any fragrance you choose for a fragrant vehicle, dispersed via the ventilation in your car, or just let them go au natural and have a fun, scent-free car buddy.   

Each Vent Clip Softie is approximately 2 inches wide by 2-3 inches tall.  

Your best friend on the road... some might even call them Rolling Stones. 

*Vehicle and Essential Oil not included :) 

Handcrafted by Eleanor Rosa Felt