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Foaming Sugar Scrub

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Plain old school sugar scrubs using a blend of oils and sugar are so last year. . . 

Topher's formulated a magical blend of foaming cream soap, moisturizing oils, butters and organic cane sugar.  The Foaming soap works to wash away dirt and oils on your skin, while the added skin friendly oils and tropical butters work to moisturize and replenish moisture as the sugar gently exfoliates and scrubs away dead and dry skin leaving you feeling and looking rejuvenated and glowing. Gentle enough for your whole body including your face, our scrubs will become your new favorite product to use in the shower.

First use as you would a sugar scrub and when you are done exfoliating, grab your cloth or shower poof and wash as you would with a cream soap.

8 oz

FROOT LOOPS: Remember the sweet smell of Froot Loops cereal? This will bring you right back to drinking the last of the milk straight from the bowl, just ask Topher, it doesn't taste as good as it smells!

VANILLA SUGAR COOKIE: Sugar Cookie sweetness pairs well with Vanilla Bean to make a Sugar Scrub you are gonna find so delicious, you may be tempted to taste it.

AGAVE + SEAGRASS: Standing on the oceans edge, listening the waves lap at your feet, take a deep breath of salty ocean air, agave leaves and light island flowers.  A very clean and fresh scent

While our products are mild enough for children and those with sensitive skin we do suggest to test on skin before use, as they may contain allergens.