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Got it Made Stratford

The Bro Package

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This gift set is the perfect way to say - thank you, miss you, love you...the list goes on! Is there anything better than gifting handmade?

Package includes:

Whiskey Woodsmoke cologne spray - Distinctly masculine, our blend of Citrus Zest, velvety smooth Whiskey, Cuban cigars and classic White Woods come together to roar out it's manliness.  This scent screams success and prestige.

Whiskey Woodsmoke premium beard oil - strengthens and conditions the hair but more importantly, hydrates the skin beneath it to make beard itch and flakes a thing of the past.  Works fabulous on heard hair too!

Minty Fresh Bro Balm - Guys need soft lips too! A natural blend of beeswax + coconut oil base infused with peppermint essential oil. Leaves the lips soft and tingly!