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Huron Candle Works Soy Candles

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WOODLAND: notes of Spruce, Citrus & Verbena. This fresh and beautiful scent is inspired by the woodlands of Huron County. Taking a walk through the woods, on trails of soft pine needles and leaves will be what you remember when you enjoy the Woodland soy candle. Huron County has hiking trails, dense forests and valleys where rivers run. This scent will take you there and calm your mind!

SUNSET: notes of Coconut, Lime & Verbena. Huron County is known for its sunsets. What better way to end a day, than enjoying a perfect evening with the sun setting across the water or fields. This soft scent is infused with memories of the setting sun. Soft and gentle, this scent will be the perfect companion while you relax with a good book, friends or even a movie!

SWEET FIELDS: notes of Pear, Basil, Oak & Geranium. As you dive the country roads, windows down, driving tunes playing, you also get the added treat of the sweet smell of fields enhancing your drive.

WIND: notes of Cypress, Violet, Moss & Musk. The beauty is all around us – in every season. It is easy to see and enjoy. The character of the County is something a little more ethereal, but no less real!

CAMPFIRE: notes of s’mores laughter, singing and ghost stories! Nothing says escape or relax more than the dancing light of a campfire.  Close your eyes and take in the scent of this candle and you will almost hear the laughter, songs and quiet conversations around the campfire.

COAST: notes of Sea Salt, Waterlily, Pear & Musk. This fresh scent is the epitome of the Huron coastline. The Bluewater Shore is the coastline that runs up the coast of Huron County and adjacent counties. The long stretches of white sand beaches, lush forests and crystal clear waters will take you to a happy place!

A subtle, soft scent that is comforting when unlit (cold throw) as well as a cozy warm scent when lit (hot throw).  Burn time for this candle is approximately 40 hours.

Small Batches hand poured in Seaforth, ON