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Zero Waste Package
Zero Waste Package

Zero Waste Package

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This kit comes with an assortment of sustainable goodies made to help reduce the consumption of single use plastics and take a big step towards a more sustainable lifestyle, keeping our oceans clean and our Mother Earth healthy!

Package Includes:

Reusable Product Bag - The 1970’s are smiling, seeing that we found a useful purpose for all their sheer curtains. The drawstrings are made from t-shirt yarn. Upcycled, locally-sourced and reusable

Set of 3 Beeswax Food Wraps - Mind Your Bees wraps will change your fridge, Keep foods fresher longer, simplify your lunch packing and reduce waste of both food and kitchen plastics. Includes: 1- 8"x8" wrap, 1- 10"x10" wrap, 1- 13"x 14" wrap 

Coffee Sack Scrub Pad - Multi-Functional and 100% upcycled. Handcrafted from a repurposed burlap coffee bean bag and backed with soft, upcycled flannel. It can be laundered and reused countless times, then composted at the end of its life.

Straw Pouch - preloved denim and t-shirt fabric has been upcycled into a handy dandy pouch for your utensils and straws. Conveniently tucked all together into their own pouch so they’re with you, ready to save the planet.

Bamboo Straw + Cleaner - These 8″ straws are made from natural bamboo with a smooth outer finish.